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Our Story

Roger and I have been married for 20 years and our story is just as sweet, just as special and just as perfect as it was 20 years ago. When my good friend from church wanted to set me up on a blind date with Roger Caldwell I instantly told her no because he had been my boyfriend in the 9th grade. Now, in the 9th grade you didn’t date, you didn’t go anywhere you just agreed to be boyfriend/girlfriend. That did not last long because quiet Roger soon said talkative, outgoing Kay was too loud for him so he moved on. However, as our God would have it we agreed to go out to dinner about 30 years later and the rest is history. We prayed together that first night and have been praying together ever since.

Life has brought many challenges in those 20 years. Roger was the proud father of 2 beautiful daughters and I had a wonderful daughter and son. Blending the 2 families was not easy and we often wondered if this really was God’s plan but we pushed on. Today we have 4 amazing children, 3 great in-laws, 6 grandchildren that are a joy and a deeper stronger love for each other than ever before.

When Tim’s Ford impounded the lake years ago they took part of the Caldwell farm so we tell Roger that he was on the lake before it was a lake. He often gets referred to as the “Lake historian”or “Granddaddy of the lake”. He can tell you fishing holes, where the river channel ran, water temperatures, shore line info and lot of other useless information.

Roger and I moved to Atlanta in 2006 because he was going to assist in opening a plant there. I was so bored so the idea of being a Realtor was presented to me. From the first class to the first client to the first sale I have been in love with what I do to make my living. Helping people make the decision on where to live, what to buy and then if they need to sale was and continues to be very rewarding. In 2007 Roger got his license and became a huge help in the business.

We now live in Winchester, TN where we were both born and raised. We are both active in the community as well as in our local church.

If you are looking for a Realtor in the Franklin County area or in Middle Tennessee please give us a call. You will not be sorry.