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Decherd, TN

Franklin County is made up of 6 small towns. Winchester is the county seat but the surrounding towns make up our beautiful area of Franklin County.

Decherd, Tennessee, is a small community and it has approx 2,600 residents. It is located northeast of Winchester and it is east of Tims Ford Lake. Decherd has a long rich history with the roots beginning as far back as the Nashville/Chattanooga Railroad in 1851. The story goes that Peter Decherd and his brothers had a very large plantation in the area. Mr. Decherd granted a right of way for the railroad with the stipulation that the railroad would build a train depot near his land. Thus the community of Decherd was created. Decherd was incorporated in 1868. The railroad made many things possible for Decherd. Now Decherd is the home of one of the largest Nissan plants and the housing industry has bloomed. Decherd is also the home of many rich beautiful farms and backs up to the Sewanee mountain.