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Summer in Tennessee

It’s summer in Tennessee and today it was 90 degrees outside.

With each season I tend to de-clutter or rearrange or scale back. Which ever you want to call this time it is also time consuming. I always like to think that I am pretty organized but the very best time to organize is when you are considering selling your home. I recently read that if you haven’t used it in 1 year you need to trash it or how about the article that says if it doesn’t bring you joy then you should trash it. I guess my idea is a little different than either of those. I set up boxes…Box 1 is my Keep because I love it. Box 2 is give away to someone who needs it more than I do. Box 3 is give away to a local charity and Box 4 is TRASH. This allows me to feel like I kept what I wanted but gave away to my special friends things that were still in great shape and gave to charity still perfectly good items that people can use and trash items we don’t want or use anymore.

So give it a try. See if you like the box method. There are many, many more unique and great methods for de-cluttering. Maybe you just need to create your own. Let me know how it works for you. Happy scaling back.