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Living in the Tims Ford Lake area

If you’ve always wondered what it was like to live in Middle Tennessee’s Tims Ford Lake area, you came to the right place. This guide presents everything you need to know about the various lifestyle and recreational opportunities that t...

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GUIDE: Selling a house in Tennessee

Ready to sell put your home back on the Tennessee housing market? Here are ten essential tips to get the best offers and the fastest turnaround on your sale: Identify your selling goals When you sell your home, what is your ultimate goal?...

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GUIDE: Buying a house in Tennessee

Buying a house is an important milestone. Not only does it set the stage for the next chapter of your life, it also requires investing a large amount of your hard-earned money. This is why a great deal of planning and preparation should go i...

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blue lake at Estill

Summer in Tennessee

It's summer in Tennessee and today it was 90 degrees outside. With each season I tend to de-clutter or rearrange or scale back. Which ever you want to call this time it is also time consuming. I always like to think that I am pretty orga...

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